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FTTH, Fiber network system solutions

November 28, 2019

Network structure: Focus on the triple play of television, Internet and telephone design ideas, we analyzed from the perspective of the construction, operation, maintenance, management, network development, putting forward a FTTH broadband access technology in the district to build a broadband access network to meet the requirements of the network plane.
From the above chart we can see that the entire FTTH-based broadband access network is composed of three parts: the OLT, residential fiber-optic network, the ONU. OLT centralized controls unit for multi-service, primarily responsible for bandwidth control, authentication management, failure capture, and data and video broadcast signals into optical signals for distribution; The OLT supports the division of Virtual Private Network (VLAN). Residential fiber-optic network uses a single-mode fiber. ONU is a unit multi-service user unit, finish the optical and electric signal transfer in the user home, provide users with high-speed data, bypass voice and video services. As to the functional configuration of the ONU, it will ensure that each household has four Ethernet ports (each Ethernet port rate of 100 M), 2 telephone interface and a cable port. Each network port, phone port and the TV port can be individually controlled, easy billing, management.
Voice and data services:for the data services for telecom operators and bypass voice services, operators provide broadband access channels of digital channels and broadband VOIP or digital voice signal to the connecting point of FTTH all-fiber network. Data and bypass the voice signal from various telecom operators is connected by the FTTH access systems OLT, and through residential fiber optic cabling systems sent to the ONU in the form of light signal. Complete the optical data conversion by broadband user terminal equipment ONU, and data signals and bypass the speech signal was sent to the computer, telephone.
TV business:as the CATV optical fiber access network extension, after FTTH handling the optical zoom and optical splitter of CATV optical signal, and complete the conversion of the optical signal to the video signal at the ONU in the user's home and the video signal is sent to the TV machine. FTTH fiber-optic network is compatible with existing analog CATV network, and is also compatible with the digital television system is now being promoted.
Open access platform:FTTH is a high-bandwidth, scalable and multi-service bearer open digital access network platform, which can realize the access of telephone, data and cable TV signals, to meet the users of fixed telephone, data freedom of choice for broadband and cable TV and access needs. In addition, a variety of intelligent management system can be conveniently superimposed on the FTTH digital community network platform, including residential security monitoring system, perimeter alarm system, electronic patrol system, video intercom systems, home monitoring and automatic control systems, billing systems of the three tables, plot IC card systems, access control systems and vehicle management system.